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October 2 – 5, 2023 @ 7-9pm ET
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The goal of this course

The goal is to set you up with foundations and mechanics of equity compensation so that you can secure the highest possible equity grant from your employer on your way into the company. Alternatively, if you are consulting to start-ups, you will be able to negotiate equity grants as compensation instead of cash..

What you'll learn

  • After Negotiating Your Equity Compensation, you will be able to negotiate, with ease:

    A significantly increased stock option or RSU grant from your employer;
    An option to participate in the company’s Employee Share Purchase Plan (if applicable);
    Equity grants as compensation for consulting to start-ups, as an alternative to cash.

Who this course is for

  • Employees working at Public or Private companies

  • Freelancers Wanting Equity as Compensation

Course Outline

  • Negotiating Your Equity Compensation is an 8-hour course, broken down into four 2-hour segments:

  • Session 1: Negotiating For Success At Public Company

    • Why companies offer equity compensation, and why it's so important you pursue it
    • Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP): Mechanics & Valuation
    • Negotiate Your ESOP offer from 2 angles: # of options grant and monetary value grant

    3 Types of Public Equity Compensation:

    • Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP),
    • Restricted Stock Units (RSU's)
    • Employee Share Purchase Plans (ESPP)
  • Session 2: Negotiating For Success At A Public Company (Con't)

    • Restricted Stock Units: Mechanics & Valuation
    • Negotiate Your RSU offer from 2 angles: # of RSU's granted and monetary value grant
    • Employee Share Purchase Plan (ESPP): Mechanics & Valuation
    • What's Negotiable on Public Equity Grants vs. What Isn't
    • Strategies, Tactics & Checklists to negotiate the highest possible amount of public equity
  • Session 3: Negotiating For Success At A Private Company

    • 2 Types of Private Equity Compensation: Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP) and Restricted Stock Units (RSU's)
    • ESOP: How the Mechanics & Valuation Differ in a Private Company
    • RSU's: How the Mechanics & Valuation Differ in a Private Company
    • What's Negotiable on a Private Equity Grants vs. What Isn't
    • Strategies, Tactics & Checklists to negotiate the highest possible amount of private equity
  • Session 4: Negotiating For Equity In A Startup As A Consultant

    • Private Company ESOP: Mechanics & Valuation Review
    • Key Terms of Your Consulting Agreement & Other Legal Documents Supporting Your Offer
    • How to Convert Your Contract Value to an Equity Amount
    • Private Company Valuations For The Purposes of Computing Option Grants
    • What to Expect on an Acquisition or IPO of your Client


Taught by someone who's done it

Brooke Harley
Founder & CEO, ClassRebel

Before closing her pre-seed round for Class Rebel, Brooke Harley was an angel investor who raised $32 million for her first venture capital fund. As both an investor and a founder, she has made hundreds of pitches, heard hundreds of pitches, made all of the mistakes and eeked out a few successes.

Prior to Class Rebel, Brooke reported to the C-suite at lululemon for 6 years and prior to lululemon was a corporate attorney.

In the news

“New courses aim to level a playing field that currently gives men 4 times the payout.”

“Female executives tend to make much less than men from stock-related compensation.”

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Class schedule

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4-day class (2hr sessions) @ 7-9pm ET
June 26 - 29, 2023
October 2 - 5, 2023
November 6 - 9, 2023
December 4 - 7, 2023

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