The goal of this course

The goal of this course is to teach you proven strategies and tactics you can use to build 1m+ organic monthly reach for your content

What you'll learn

  • After Cryptocurrency: Digital Investments and the Future of Finance, you will be able to:

    ● Set up wallets and exchange accounts
    ● Trade and invest in cryptocurrencies
    ● Use cryptocurrencies to buy and sell other assets, products and services
    ● Follow best practices to protect yourself from the inherent risks
    ● Diversify your business (in practically any industry) with crypto strategies and payments

Who this course is for

  • Individual Creators

  • Businesses Selling Products & Services

  • Emerging Media Companies

Course outline

Reaching Millions is an 8-hour course, broken down into four 2-hour segments

  • Session 1: Foundational Concepts & Audience Targeting

    • Setting Movement Foundations That Anchor Everything
    • Audience Types That Help You Drive Your Movement
    • 3 Targeting Tactics to Reach the Audience That Drives Your Movement
    • Building an Ecosystem of Platforms to Maximize Reach
    • Key Checklists For Ensuring Your Content is Seen: Creative & Technical
    • Key Metrics That Indicate Your Movement Is Gaining Traction
  • Session 2: Content Creation & Optimizing To Be Found

    • 5 Strategic Pillars For Content Creation
    • Creative Checklist: Deep Dive
    • Why Invest in Both Timely News & Evergreen Pieces
    • Technical Checklist - Deep Dive on Search-Optimizing Timely News Pieces
    • Cheap Tools for Content Creation & Publication
    • Keyword Strategies: A Deep Dive
    • Key Search Optimization Tactics in Creating Evergreen Pieces
  • Session 3: Maximizing Your Reach: Organically & Thru Paid Ads

    • What ‘Monthly Organic Reach’ Is
    • What Achieving Visibility Gets You: 6 Things
    • Getting Found Organically: 40 Point Checklist
    • Getting Found Through Paid Advertising: 3 Impactful Methods
    • Tools For Understanding Reach
  • Session 4: Engagement, Followers & Monetizing

    • Why Engagement is More Important Than Number of Followers
    • 3 Types of Engagement Social Algorithms Reward by Boosting Visibility
    • 5 Top Engagement Tactics
    • What Actually Drives Followers: 3 Things
    • 20 Monetization Tactics


Taught by someone who's done it

In the news

Read features on Forbes and Rolling Stone for Jodi's perspective on sustainability.

“An aggressive pivot toward sustainability is a survival tactic, not just for the planet, but for the future of your brand, too.”

“The end goal here should not be to merely expand into the plant-based food industry. It must, instead, shift toward vegan alternatives, away from animal agriculture.”

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